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Delphi International is a California Corporation in the San Francisco Bay Area that unites business consulting and integration services that assist both private and public organizations worldwide. Our principal areas of focus include: Consulting, Systems Integration, Project Management, Infrastructure Procurement, Mobility Solutions, and Managed Services.

Our mission is to be a leader in providing worldwide consulting and integration services that assist organizations in evaluating investments, creating value and securing bottom-line business results.

To maximize the potential for growth within an enterprise environment, Delphi consultants can facilitate the creation of strategic programs that deliver improved market success. Delphi's strengths lie in combining strategic understanding with market expertise and applying these with absolute commitment to its clients' growth.

Through strategic alliances, Delphi can provide business solutions and products to advance established and emerging enterprise-based services. Delphi’s proven system architecture and experience identifies key intelligence and strategic research to enhance deploying portals, collaborative business environments and complete infrastructures.


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