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Delphi designs products and provides solutions for insurance, financial services, telecommunications, retail, travel, transportation, government and education.

KMS-Enterprise provides business intelligence capabilities that enable companies to connect any number or variety of endpoints, coordinate processes of any level of complexity, and streamline activities across technological, organizational, and geographical boundaries. MORE

KMS-Analyst is a business performance reporting solution for online analytical processing (OLAP) applications. MORE

Delphi has developed class curricula, web and CDROM-based educational tools, and traveling educational exhibits. MORE

Delphi has improved our customers' effectiveness and profitability by providing a single, centralized source for accurate and detailed product procurement and technologies that are accessible to all relevant parties, across and outside an enterprise; creating a true multi-enterprise partnership that creates benefits at every point.

Delphi resells a spectrum of products and our product guide includes software and hardware solutions for enterprise applications including servers and desktops, integrated voice, data, and video networking for both local and wide-area networks, storage management, high resolution displays, application development, performance tuning, and visualization. MORE


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