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State-of-the-art solutions from Delphi International will take your organization to world class levels.

Delphi has extensive experience in consulting and implementing solutions in business and process settings. Typical service tasks are as follows:

» Assessment (Business Process Review / Work Flow Analysis)
» Product Selection
» Core Team Training
» Implementation Plan Development (Pilot / Rollout)
» Design
» Marketing Communications
» Data (Collection / Cleaning / Mapping)
» Implementation
» Interface Development
» Service Hosting
» Interface to legacy enterprise applications
» Training
» Reports Development (SQL / Hyperion-Brio / Others)
» Training (tailored to client’s needs)

Delphi provides Project Management resources to support or lead independent project deliverables:

» Operational Assessments
» Project Management Planning / Scheduling / Project Controls
» Project Management Software Solutions
» Process Improvement
» Quality Reviews and Assurance Programs
» Earned Value Analysis
» Cost Engineering
» Communications, Education and Outreach Services



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