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We’ve always worked with industry leading vendors. It’s a two-way street: leveraging our respective skills and resources to benefit Delphi customers.

We can ensure you harness the power of technologies from companies like Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, NEC-Mitsubishi, Diebold and networking communications providers like Cisco to deliver sustained benefits.

The partner program came as a result of growing customer requests for a one-stop spot for value added consulting, strategic plan development and validation, technical bandwidth needs, and the ever important drive to build e-business solutions. Together with our partners and Delphi, our clients can rest assured that their business needs and objectives will be met.

Delphi's partners include:

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America, Inc. - ranked as the number one best-selling stand-alone LCD monitor brand. NEC-Mitsubishi innovates, produces and delivers high-quality, competitively priced visual display products that help its wide range of customers see their digital world more clearly. For an example of one of the display solutions in use please see the following pdf. Delphi's NEC-Mitsubishi Data & Video Displays (208 KB)

Hewlett Packard - Delphi is an HP Authorized Business Development Partner

Oracle Corporation - the world's leading supplier of software for information management, and the world's second largest independent software company

Microsoft - Delphi is pioneering the use of Web Services to build in a level of management capabilities for applications that go beyond what traditional management systems do

Intel - Intel combines hardware, software, services, and tools into superior solutions to meet business needs and technical challenges

Cisco Systems - Cisco end-to-end enterprise network solutions form a comprehensive line of networking products

NEC America - One of the leading solutions providers for broadband networking and mobile Internet

Diebold - A global leader in providing integrated self-service delivery systems and services.

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