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Delphi's management team has top-level experience in all areas of transformation that are integral in a new era of business in the global economy. The company is sought after for its comprehensive experience in protecting and accelerating intellectual property development, assembling expert strategic planning, engineering, and financial partners. Delphi is privately held.

(Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board)
Prior to founding Delphi International, David had 10 years of management experience at Hewlett-Packard and six years as a financial systems information management consultant. At HP, David worked in finance, information technology, product marketing, program management, business development and strategic planning. While at HP he managed engineering sytems and business development for Architectural, Engineering and Construction markets and high end visual design and construction systems development. A proponent of adaptive infrastructure, David is a leading thinker in synchronizing business, engineering planning and design to capitalize on change whether it is for management science and engineering, energy technologies or new venture launch environments. He has guided high-tech startups and some of the most prestigious Silicon Valley companies in the delivery of high-profile, global projects through a network of relationships and long-term alliances. His expertise includes sales, marketing, operations, engineering (EPCM), finance, tax, legal and venture funding. He holds trademarks and copyrights for a large portfolio.


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